Where Do We Start Researching for Our Family Line!

ᎣᏏᏲ, Hello in Cherokee!

The days have flown by moving us now into the snow season. (Or rainy season depending where you dwell.) Soon the coldest part of the year will be on us. Are you preparing for the times of quietness and handwork? Do you have handwork for the children to do in the long evenings? I do not have means of a fire at this time, but hopefully many of you do. Remember to tell the children the stories of our heritage, our families, our growing up. Teach them the habitat of God’s creation and how to use God’s creation with appreciation. It’s a time to learn new skills. Use books if you need to learn too. Make this a time of closeness for family. A time to quietly reconnect in the quiet hours of the time of cold.

We have been busy here seeking to help you all. Many of you are interested in your genealogy. We are seeking to supply resources for you. Much of what we have available can be found on other areas of the web, but if we could save time by gathering many of them to one location, we can be benefitted. We are in the process of linking to Internet Archives for the direct U.S. Indian Census Rolls. We received permission to download the Rolls but there are 692 of them and one was over 800 pages! We decided that it would be an unnecessary expense of time to  bring all the Rolls on to this site, at this time. So, we linked EACH roll directly so you do not need to go hunting among the 692 Rolls available to find the one you are looking for.

Over the past few weeks, we have added over a dozen resources for your interests:

list of Native Nations on Reservations in 1855

links to a map for tribes in each state

the 226 federally recognized native nations

the 62 state recognized native nations

the 573 unrecognized native nations

a link to the key Indian Rolls listed by U.S. states

U.S. reservations by location and the tribes that dwell on them

3 videos on dna: Cherokee, Choctaw, & Navajo

and, beginning genealogy videos.

My discovery in the midst of all this is the site for dna testing that is geared for native Americans: Native-dna.com. I am thoroughly impressed. He not only processes the dna tests but seems to have great ability to analysis your personal results. This will not be found among the other DNA testing sites. His testings also included European and most of the world. Check out his videos we added to this site – Cherokee DNA by Native-dna.com discussion, Choctaw DNA by Native-dna.com and Navajo DNA by Native-dna.com. All three are found just before the Genealogy section.

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