Where Are We Headed?

In this year’s transition to the year 2020, I wondered if our forefathers gave much attention to what is referred to as the ‘new year.’ We were aware of the Nut Moon of what we referred to as the month of February. The Nut Moon was the time of year when our food provisions were starting to get low and we used nuts to make cakes and meal. We began to lean-out. (I still think I lose the best when I focus on this time of year to eat lean and intermittently fast.) The new year really started with the on set of the spring of life returning. This was our new year. And, really, this would set well to the book of Genesis for Creation was made in it’s springtime.

Sometimes, I ignore time. I don’t worry about days. I try not to think about months. I am trying to return to the quieter times of today, weeks, and seasons. Yes, I worship the Creator especially on the first day of the week for He rose from the dead that day and the early followers met to worship Him corporately on the first day of the week. The week has been in existence from Creation. For God said, and on the 7th day He rested from His work of Creation.

An over-emphasis of time…especially minutes and hours…distracts us from the today. The moment. No time to gaze at the beautiful sky…we must hurry on…This is not what the Lord intended for us, and especially of us who have dwelled on Turtle Island for thousands of years. Our world was not interrupted from the quiet rhythm of Creation as was other parts of the world. I think because of this, we struggle more with the high-paced life. We need to take time to enter into the Creation of God. Admire the sky. Watch the squirrel for some time. Notice the starting buds on the trees and bushes. Take a deep breathe of the cold-time air. Relax and enjoy. Give yourself more time of quietness.

Many years ago a friend of mine came across a book in the library. This author shared statistics and harkened back to old time wisdom. And this was the theme of the book: winter is for extra sleeping time. The God of Heaven made the cold season with more hours in darkness than the warm time of the year. That extra time is for sleeping. If we go with the way the Lord created the seasons, we won’t be sick as easily. Since I learned this, I have generally sought to follow that wisdom. Occasionally I break the pattern, but generally, I seek to sleep more hours in the cold time of the year and less as the Lord gives us more light. One more factor in this is our diet.

Recently, we heard that there were terrible sicknesses hitting folks. It was taking weeks to get over the whatever-they-were sicknesses. My friend, Marge, from California, and I were comparing people sick notes and we came to the conclusion that the reason people get so sick this time of year is because of all the sugar/junk food eaten because of the ‘holidays.’ Marge and I are non-sugar/junk-food advocates. We each had one day where we felt a little something coming on. She doctored with vitamins and supertonic. I immediately ate lighter, had a cup of chamomile tea and went to bed EARLY. It was gone the next day for both of us. We thank the Lord for wisdom to work with His ways even in daily living.

Wado (Cherokee) Thank you,


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