Stirring Up the Embers in to a Good Fire!

Oneen (Ojibwe) Hello,

Things have been busy around this village. Glad for the new ones joining us.

We wanted to build on last week’s Around the Fire talk. If you haven’t read it, do so. After speaking of these things I continued my research on Indian Nations that are registered. I was cleaning up the format for this location and I realized in the work that it’s almost more important to post the state registered and non-registered Native Nations. That’s where the majority of us are fitting in. So the listing of ‘Indian’ Tribes as some say, are now on this site. I really enjoyed wandering through the names and locations of more of our people. These lists are located in the Genealogy section

We appreciated a comment we placed in the article for Non-registered Native Nations by the Cherokee Nation spokesman Mike Miller. He suggests that people with an interest in their native culture can form heritage groups if there isn’t the availability to be in a registered Native Nation. Federally recognized tribes are sometimes suspicious of non-recognized tribes’ efforts to gain acknowledgment. Why? Mike Miller says it’s because of their concern that more recognized Nations may dilute the already limited federal benefits. It’s proper, reasonable, and just right to rebuild our Native Village. (Forget the funds, we’ll take care of ourselves. Creator helped in the past, He can help us in the present.) This is why Native Living Indians is here! To assist us all to stop crying about the pain and the past, and to begin rebuilding the right parts of our heritage. We were given a tremendous amount of wisdom from the Great Creator Jesus. He led us to know some many helpful things in order to live using His creation. We knew He was the Almighty Mystery. He taught us good and what was evil. We learned thankfulness and carefulness in using His provision. He taught us to live simply yet amply. We have many good things from our heritage. Let’s work on stirring up the embers again into a good fire! And, let us thank our God-Father and His Good Spirit for giving us this heritage. We’ll try to do our part to help supply some of the tools. Send us an message at

Giga-waabamin (Ojibwe) I’ll see you!


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