One Church Many Tribes…

We are one Native American people. Indigenous. Indian. First People…We are still here!

We viewed Richard Twiss on YouTube a few weeks back. It caught my son’s and my ears. His experiences of his early years on the reservation, his drug addictions, he native journey and his spiritual experiences. So my son sent for his book: One Church Many Tribes. We got it a week or so ago and I sat the Saturday evening reading. What an inspiring book. Again and again it marvels me how native thinking I am.

What is really interesting is the deep understanding that the Almighty One worked with us, our people of generations past, to help us understand Him and His desires for us. His Purity. His Sovereignty. His Mystery of Who He Is. His Justice towards good-doing verses evil-doing. He told us things – prophesies that proved true. He called us to hear Him, completely in every areas of our lives, not just a little bit. Our spirituality was all encompassing. He still speaks to us today. Are we listening?

On page 92 he speaks of Greeks Gnosticism that dominates much of European christianity.  (I will use lower case on purpose because a true Christ-one follows in His footsteps.) This Gnosticism separates the physical world from the spiritual world which allows them to be categorized and very little touching one another. This has never been the case of our native people. We believe in God as our Supreme One we worshipped, adored, and heeded. Consider this again in our lives…

Haee’a (Apache) Parting,


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