Onneen. That is ‘hello’ in Algonquian. I am a fair-skinned, grey-eyed native with Visigoth, Normandy, Irish, Scottish, and English nobility roots prior to my family joining our native Turtle Island nobility line. My forefather was Edouad Bompasse, one of the saints on the second ship The Fortune to arrive on Turtle Island (aka New England) in 1621 just after the first Puritan fall harvest thanksgiving feast that the Great Chief Massasoit and his 90 braves also attended.

Edouad, later Edward, married into the Great Narragansett Chief Canonicus’ family. Family oral tradition says it had something to do with Hyannis and Roger William’s association with the tribe. The soft evidence is in, but we’re still looking for the hard evidence. It appears that she was the Wampanoag Chief Iyannough‘s daughter, and Hannah’s mother was the Great Chief Canonicus’ daughter which passed the Narragansett line down through the female line. Edward’s wife’s English name was Hannah. Our family’s tradition says she was Narragansett of the Turtle clan.

Edward and Hannah’s oldest son named John (Sr.) that married the Great Wampanoag Chief Massasoit’s youngest daughter with the English name Sarah. King Philip of King Philip’s War was her brother. It is substantiated in the Mystic Indian Records in Connecticut that Old Indian John Bump was King Philip’s brother by marriage. This proves both his association to the Great Chief Massasoit along with his looks being indian showing his mother’s heritage. The photos here is a bronze statue of my grandfather Chief Massasoit, and the deed has my grandpa Canonicus’ bow he drew that represented his name. If you inlarge the text you will see his name written next to the bow.

I knew of my nativeness as a 6 year old. I claimed my nativeness from childhood and was honored to be numbered among those of native lineage. My mother (now gone) would say that I was cut out of a different cloth (skin!) and how ‘indian’ I was despite my European looks. I also knew inside me that I walked to the beat of a different drum. It has only been the past several years that I have done extensive genealogical research to document my native heritage. I am thankful to the God Almighty for giving me the privilege to have this lineage and to live for Him in it. I am now passing that heritage down to my seven children and three grandchildren.

My family name – Bumpus/Bumpas/Bump (12 generations of direct male descent until me) has been documented also to have been found in Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole native nations.
I am currently not a member of a native nation but prayerfully hope in the Great Almighty God and His Son and Spirit to be in one someday not far off. I long, even with 62 Springs of life, to assist my people. I am currently learning Cherokee language actively and Ojibwe passively. I have about 31 years of homesteading skills from butchering to drop-spindling home-sheared wool. However, at this time I do not know how to hunt, but we’ll see how that goes in the future! Our hope is to support and assist our native nations and people with native living today.

Native Living Indians is a proud supporter of drug-free living, which  includes total abstaining from all varieties of mind-altering or addictive substances whether they be illegal, American legalized, or tribal permitted.  Live clean, Native!