Doing Our Part for Creation to be Healed…

Came across an interesting Facebook post yesterday eve. It was concerning how large land masses are being brought back to a natural creation state with vegetation, water sources and wildlife with little help from man. Regreening the Desert by John Liu was the name of the video. It is a full-length one, about 48 min., but well worth the time for natives to view. Gather the children in on this. If they can catch the vision on this, the next generation can begin to do their part as well.

I have made reference previously that our people used only a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the natural resources provided by our Creator. We left 3/4 to 2/3 for the earth to replenish herself. This gave an increase of natural supplies for our use as our numbers grew all the while continuing the development  balance. This video basically shared a few key elements to help Creation rejuvenate: 1. Stop using some of the land. Allow it to be totally left be for 5 years. 2. Stop using more resources than we need. For example: make all we use from natural resources. (As I type this on a computer! But I am not ignorant to realize that this can be put aside when it is time.) Focus on food, raiment and shelter. Forget the ‘stuff’! 3. When the land has repaired herself, use it more gently as our native forefathers wisely knew. Seven more generations will need it, if the Lord doesn’t return by then. And if He does, we’ve done our part to care for what He created for us. The video is in the Video section.

We would like for you to know that the first 100 U.S. Government Indian Census Rolls have been confirmed and in good working order as far as we know unless you tell us otherwise. In the process of setting the rolls up, I used a shortcut that proved to cause some problems. So we are manually stepping through each roll and testing it. It’ll take a few more weeks, but they should be then completely available. If you need a particular one and it isn’t functioning, email me and I’ll set it up next.

In working through the rolls I have discovered some valuable information in some of the rolls. For example on Roll 97 I discovered that there was a census of the children at the Fort Totten Indian School of North Dakota. This needs to be noted with the Roll title so you can access it for genealogy research. Also, many of the rolls have a listing of the populous for that time period. We hope to accumulate that information for you as well.

In the midst of fixing the Indian Rolls, I stumbled on to the 1790 – 1st United States Government Population Census. In this location I can link to all the Census rolls the U.S. government has conducted. I will probably do at least until the early 1900’s. If someone feels it would be of help up into the 50’s let me know.  So keep a watch for more genealogy additions.

And, finally, we are still wandering the paths in opening the Trading Post. Each week we are making progress. Hopefully! We are preparing the book section into subsections for each tribe. The same books will also be found in the general section. So, if you want to just browse use the general book section. I you want specific books on a nation, look for that nation. And, we have added a new Trading Post catagory for maps and puzzles, etc. Next time in Around the Fire, we will tell you more about Aaron Carapella’s maps and puzzles.

And, finally, we have posted a Lakota version of Amazing Grace in honor of those who have been affected by the Wounded Knee Massacre. May we forgive those who have trespassed against us. Following the memory ride to the site of the historic incident was moving for me. We have posted one of the pictures of  the riders on the Wounded Knee ride for 2019. The date according to U.S. calendar was December 29th of the massacre.

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