DNA Study & Links

The following links are to assist those who are not internet savvy to start their research for the native American heritage.

Understanding the DNA tests and how they work:



Comparing DNA tests especially for native heritage:




DNA testing for potential tribal enrollment:


dnacenter.com (20 years of working with tribal leaders: 1-800-319-9099)

A Native Testing company:

https://www.native-dna.com/order.html (EXCELLENT RESOURCE!)

Listing of all DNA Testing Companies: From WikiList

  •  23andMe (admixture, adoption, deep ancestry, genealogy) (health and trait reports also available in some countries)
  •  23mofang (admixture, deep ancestry, health and traits) A company catering for the Chinese market
  •  24 genetics (admixture, exome sequencing, health, paternity, pharmacogenetics, whole genome sequencing) A company catering for the Spanish market
  •  African Ancestry (deep ancestry)
  •  AncestrybyDNA (admixture, deep ancestry)
  •  AncestryDNA, a subsidiary of Ancestry.com (admixture, adoption, genealogy)
  •  Centrillion Biosciences (aka TribeCode) (admixture, deep ancestry)
  •  Dante Labs (exome sequencing, health, whole genome sequencing) A test aimed at the European market
  •  DNA Ancestry and Family Origin (FTDNA affiliate in the Middle East) (admixture, adoption, deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing, genealogy)
  •  DNA Worldwide (formerly a FTDNA partner. See also Living DNA)
  •  Family Tree DNA (admixture, adoption, deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing, genealogy, Y chromosome sequencing) – geared towards genealogy research not just ethnic heritage
  •  Full Genomes Corporation (whole genome sequencing, Y-chromosome sequencing)
  •  Gene by Gene – the parent company of Family Tree DNA which now incorporates the companies previously known as DNA Traits, DNA DTC and DNA Findings (research, health, exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing)
  •  Genebase (deep ancestry, genealogy)
  •  Genera (FTDNA partner in Brazil for ancestry tests) – also performs tests for paternity, fetal gender detection, pharmacogenetics, nutrition and physical traits
  •  GenoTek (admixture, genealogy, diet and fitness, family planning, health, talents and sports) A company catering for the Russian market
  •  Genographic Project (admixture, deep ancestry)
  •  Genos Research Inc (DTC whole exome sequencing; consumer focused healthcare big data spin out from Complete Genomics; Note: no genetic genealogy focus or tools)
  •  Helix (exome sequencing) US supplier of the Genographic Project Geno 2.0 Next Generation test
  •  iGENEA (FTDNA affiliate) (admixture, deep ancestry, genealogy)
  •  Living DNA (admixture, deep ancestry) See also DNA Worldwide
  •  MyHeritage (admixture, genealogy)
  •  Oxford Ancestors (deep ancestry)
  •  Roots for Real (admixture, deep ancestry)
  •  Sano Genetics (exome sequencing and interpretation, whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  •  Sorenson Genomics (laboratory services)
  •  TribeCode See Centrillion Biosciences
  •  Veritas Genetics (USA) (whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  •  Veritas Intercontinental (Europe, Latin America, Japan and the United Arab Emirates) (whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  •  WeGene (admixture, deep ancestry, health, sports, traits) A test tailored for the East Asian market
  •  YSEQ (custom Y-SNPs, Y-STRs, SNP panels, whole genome sequencing)
  •  Yoogene (deep ancestry – YSTRs and mtDNA) A company catering for the Chinese market

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