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A Time of Rememberance of the Creator’s Prophesied Birth

This time of year is a paradox for me. In my younger pre-school years, we merely went to Church on Christmas Day. After my older brother, Gary, was in his second winter of school, and I my first, he discovered that there was a lot more going on for Christmas than our family did and […]

Stirring Up the Embers in to a Good Fire!

Oneen (Ojibwe) Hello, Things have been busy around this village. Glad for the new ones joining us. We wanted to build on last week’s Around the Fire talk. If you haven’t read it, do so. After speaking of these things I continued my research on Indian Nations that are registered. I was cleaning up the format for […]

One Drop of Blood Revisted or One Drop of Blood Part II

Being a part of the Facebook native community has been enlightening. And, for the most part, very enjoyable. If you are not a part of one of the native pages, I would recommend you do so. Some require strong support for your native heritage. Some do not. Do not feel personally rejected if you don’t […]

What Constitutes ‘Poverty?’ – Part III

This is Part III on the topic of What Constitutes ‘Poverty’? Let’s review the two previous posts… In  Part I we looked at the definition of poverty from several U.S. perspectives, and we challenged the perspective with: purposeful orderly lower living does NOT necessarily constitute poverty . The second article on this subject addressed what components make up true poverty.  They […]

What Constitutes ‘Poverty’?

Recently on one of the native American Facebook sites I came across a saying. It read something like this: XX% of native Americans are under poverty level. Having personally experienced ‘poverty’ in the last few years, and, having read enough decolonizing books to assist us in changing to better native thought patterns, I questioned the […]

One Church Many Tribes…

We are one Native American people. Indigenous. Indian. First People…We are still here! We viewed Richard Twiss on YouTube a few weeks back. It caught my son’s and my ears. His experiences of his early years on the reservation, his drug addictions, he native journey and his spiritual experiences. So my son sent for his […]

American Indian Wisdom and Virtues…Part I

This week’s days, I was thinking about how much wisdom is lacking today. Wisdom, just in a human sense isn’t even there. My own parents had an amazing amount of human wisdom. Recently, I had been reading a book of surviving in the winter chill. I have benefitted from it. The bottom wisdom was: keep the […]

One Drop of Blood…

We are natives of Turtle Island. Sometimes called Indians, or red man, American Indians, Native Americans, and so on. It is estimated that 2/3rds of those with native heritage of this land live off of reservations or outside of tribal membership. Black Elk of the Oglala Lakota Sioux in the late 1800’s made the statement […]

Doing Our Part for Creation to be Healed…

Came across an interesting Facebook post yesterday eve. It was concerning how large land masses are being brought back to a natural creation state with vegetation, water sources and wildlife with little help from man. Regreening the Desert by John Liu was the name of the video. It is a full-length one, about 48 min., […]