226 U.S. Federally Non -Recognized Tribal Nations

ManatakaTM American Indian Council Listing of the U.S. Federally Non-Recognized Tribes (Wikipedia’s information and search has also been added to the information on this page.)      Unrecognized tribes in the United States are organizations of people who claim to be historically, culturally, and/or genetically related to historic Native American Indian tribes but who are: 1. not […]

Current Native American Nations on U.S. Reservation Lands – Alphabetical

In this article we the United States Indian reservations listed by tribe or tribal affiliation so you can easily see which tribes live on a particular reservation. Sometimes an reservation may reflect the name of the principal tribe, but other tribes may also live on that reservation. There are only two kinds of reserved lands that are well-known: military […]

1855 – Native Nations on Reservation Lands and Population in Alphabetical Order

Census of Indian tribes of the United States 1855-7 with whom the Government communicated by Local or General Agents included 189 and noted as 313,264 persons for the total tribes on government reservations. No known tally was taken of native people not found on reservations. Having lost 1/3 minimally of the tribe in moves, and […]

DNA Study & Links

The following links are to assist those who are not internet savvy to start their research for the native American heritage. Understanding the DNA tests and how they work: https://www.genealogyexplained.com/dna-testing/native-american-dna-testing/ https://dna-explained.com/2012/12/18/proving-native-american-ancestry-using-dna/ Comparing DNA tests especially for native heritage: https://www.top10dnatests.com/best-dna-test-for-native-american-ancestry/ https://www.bestonlinereviews.com/dna-testing/best-dna-tests-for-native-american-ancestry/ https://www.dna-testing-adviser.com/Indian-DNA-Test.html DNA testing for potential tribal enrollment: genetics.ncai.org/tribal-enrollment-and-genetic-testing.cfm dnacenter.com (20 years of working with tribal leaders: […]

Doing Our Part for Creation to be Healed…

Came across an interesting Facebook post yesterday eve. It was concerning how large land masses are being brought back to a natural creation state with vegetation, water sources and wildlife with little help from man. Regreening the Desert by John Liu was the name of the video. It is a full-length one, about 48 min., […]